Women Playwrights’ International Conference 2015, University of Cape Town

In 2015 I was awarded funding from Creative Scotland to attend
Women Playwrights’ International Conference (WPIC) 2015 in
Cape Town, South Africa.

WPIC is a triennial event organized by International Center for
Women Playwrights (ICWP) established in 1987 in Buffalo, NY.

ICWP is an international organization dedicated to planning and
convening international conferences for women playwrights and to
facilitating communication, meetings, interchanges and activities
among the international community of women in theatre.

I was one of 86 playwrights whose play was selected for a reading
followed by a Q&A session to provide feedback on the writing.

I also had the opportunity to be inspired, learn and network at this
five-day conference with a very dense programme consisting of talks,
panels, networking events, workshops, playreadings and performances.

Here’s an extract from my play The People You Deserve.