Passport to the Moon

Passport to the Moon is a one-woman show partly based on
autobiographical elements, essentially about the groundbreaking
changes that have happened in Hungary since the eighties.

About a generation born in the safe but sedentary era of
declining Communism, growing up alongside our new-born democracy.

About the exhilarating feeling of trying out things your parents
had never even heard of, the waves of ice-cold fear washing over
you when in need of advice, about identity crises and the joys
of finding your own little truths.

About learning how to make the right choices and behave responsibly
while your country is doing the exact opposite.

Passport to the Moon is not the life story of a woman, or the
story of last 25 years in Europe – it’s more like a time and space
capsule destined to challenge some of the Western ideas regarding
democracy, freedom and responsibility.

Passport to the Moon is a piece using words, movement, object
manipulation, original period footage (projected) and original period music.

Research and development for Passport to the Moon has
been kindly supported by the Tom Mcgrath Trust.