P is for Peter

P is for Peter is a family show suitable for people with dementia featuring puppets and a dancer.
Peter has just been diagnosed with ‘probable Alzheimer’s disease’ and decided to write a blog about
his illness & document his own deterioration.

The first blog entry is about his first visit to support group for early stages Alzheimer’s patients.
Using Alzheimer’s disease as a narrative tool, the performance shall explore the boundaries of humanity
and challenge our collective social mind-set – it shall inspire us to question our own priorities
and unshakable points of reference.

Is it important to know what year it is? Is a person’s life more valuable if they know
the name of the current Prime Minister? What makes human life worthwhile?
Is it coherence? Awareness? A sense of continuity? Happiness?

P is for Peter is not a piece about dementia, it’s a piece about life.

I did a few days’ development on this piece in December last year funded through
Puppet Animation Scotland’s Creative Fund.

We worked at the Studio of the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh,
who kindly supported me with rehearsal space.